08_Brussels_High-Level Forum

The 10th EU-China High Level Seminar on Regional Policy between the European Commission (DG REGIO) and NDRC (Regional Economy) took place on 29 June 2015 in Brussels.

Further information can be obtained at DG REGIO’s website.



Agenda Seminar 29 June _20150629_final


01 Opening remarks by Walter Deffaa, Director General, European Commission, DG REGIO

02 Opening remarks by Mr Zou Yong, Vice General- Director, Regional Economy, NDRC China

03 Opening remarks by Mr Lambert van Nistelrooij, European Parliament, REGI Committee

04 Mr Xie Ruiwu, Deputy Mayor of Chengdu, Chengdu June 2015

05 Mr Amadeo Jensana, Director of Economic Programmes, Casa Asia (Barcelona) Barcelona

06 Mr Cai Weiguang, Deputy Director, DRC Tianjin

07 Mr Luigi Campitelli, Head of Unit, Research and Internationalisation, Lazio Innova LAZIO Rossi Presentation Bruxelles 23 06 2015

08 Mr Gianluca Fabbri, POMOS and DINESTO, Pilot Project on Smart Mobility 29-06-2015-POMOS-EU_CHINA_FABBRI

09 Mr Li Hongwei, Vice Chairman, Guangzhou Development District GDD GDD June 2015

10 Mr Christophe Meunier, Director for International Relations, Grand Lyon

11 Mr Mark Schneider, Manager, West Midlands European Service and MERCIA WEST MIDLANDS_150620_World Cities_Brussels

12 Mr Ni Zilin, Deputy Secretary General, Wuhan City Government Wuhan PPT June 2015

13 Mr Daniel González, Director General, Andalucía Smart City Cluster Andalucia Smart City Brussels 20150623

14 Mr SUN Guanghui, Executive Party Secretary, Shantou City

15 Mr Tariq Kaddoura, Founder & CEO, Ecoglobe, Waterbase Smart Water System




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