Hobart in Katowice

Agenda: AGENDA

Summary of the visit

The delegation from Hobart started the EU trip with a visit to Katowice on Sunday 8 October, where they were greeted by the Deputy Mayor Maerzena Szuba and offered a welcomed brunch after the long hours of flight.

01 Cole Tower

Later in the day, the delegation enjoyed a visit to the former mining operations in Katowice and followed by a visit to the National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, where they enjoyed a concert and dinner.

02 Orchestra

Monday 9 October marked the start of the working meetings with a welcome speech by Mr. Deputy Mayor Bogumił Sobula. The following topics were presented and a discussion on ways to exchange experiences followed

  • Katowice – financial and economic centre of Metropolis
  • Katowice development – major project completed and planned
  • The City Cooperation on Smart Solutions with the Silesian University of Technology
  • Silesian NANO  

03 Meeting

A presentation on the Smart City Solutions programme developed in Katowice was touched upon three specific projects:

  • YES for Europe – Young entrepreneurs in modern city programme: The European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs – is the main association of young entrepreneurs in Europe (representing around 50.000 young entrepreneurs under 40 years old). (More info yesforeurope.eu)
  • Abyss Glass – interactive mirrors: Interactive mirrors are an innovative space where you’ll see much more than just your reflection. (More info abyssglass.com)
  • Snowcookie – Sky wearable: that tracks your sky progress and helps you improve your skills (snowcookiesports.com)

After such absorbing presentations, the Hobart delegation visited the International Congress Centre and participated in a session of the IV Climate Metropolitan Forum (http://adaptcity.pl/). The day was wrapped up with a visit to a Porcelain post-industrial site and presentation of the companies that operate in the venue.

On Tuesday 10 October the meetings moved to the Silesian University where Prof. Tomasz Pietrzykowski gave a welcome speech followed by University Presentation and an interesting discussion on the Centre for Polar Studies by Prof. Jacek Jania.

04 Field Visit

Presentations on the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection and the Urban and Metropolitan Processes Observatory closed the sessions.

The Hobart delegation visited the Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library and had lunch at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music before enjoying a live performance from a local artist in the framework of the programme “Katowice the city of music”.

05 Music Performance