Work Meeting in the EU – 08/2017

High level delegation from Canberra met counterparts in Prague and the EU Instotutions in Brussels.

A high level delegation from Canberra visited Prague in August 2017 and reflected about lessons learned from Prague’s approach to Smart City development, focusing on efficiencies and process outcomes rather than simply technology. Prague revitalised the city through mixed use, repurposing disused industrial zones and thus creating highly appealing neighbourhoods in which to live and work. Prague’s heritage redevelopment focuses on outcomes that support the heritage use and values of the space, rather than simply preservation of built form outcome. The city has targeted industry, research and development, thus enabling the development of regional expertise in renewable energy and building energy efficiency.

In Prague, meetings were held with the Prague Institute of Planning, the Innovation & Start-Up Centre Prague, the Operator ICT and the University Centre for Energy Efficient Building (UCEEB) in Bustehrad. A walking tour was underatken to the Holesovice area. An MoU was signed between Mick Gentleman, ACT Minister for Planning and Land Management, and the Prague Start-Up Centre.

Meetings in Brussels included DG REGIO (Ronald Hall and Ramon Lopez) as well as the European Parliament (MEPs Lambert van Nistelrooij and Jan Olbrycht).