Andalucía Smart City

The Autonomous Community of Andalusia has a population of 8.059.461 inhabitants, about 17,8% of Spain’s total (45 million). The region is divided in 8 provinces covering an area of 87.598 km2 and 873 km coastline. The key economic sectors rates for GAV & employment are services (60%), industry (15%), construction (12%) and agriculture: 10%. The R&D investment ratio is 1.1% of the regional GDP.

Andalusia consists of eight provinces, including Sevilla, Málaga, Cádiz, Granada, Córdoba, Almería, Huelva and Jaen. The city of Málaga – a provincial capital – has been numerously awarded  for its innovation and sustainable urban development projects, including:

  • Eurocities Innovation Award (2009)
  • Smartest City in Spain (IDC Report, 2011)
  • Science and Innovation City (2011)
  • Finalist “World Smart Cities Awards” (2011 and 2012)
  • Selected city for “Smarter Cities Challenge” (IBM Foundation, 2012)
  • Most Sustainable City in Spain (Siemens, 2012)
  • Finalist, European Capital of Innovation (2014)

Cooperation within the World Cities project is channeled through Andalucía Smart City Cluster, an alliance of Andalusian private companies and government institutions (triple-helix) that work together to make cities smarter, by being efficient, sustainable and comfortable. This is achieved through cooperation among these entities, thus creating jobs and wealth in urban areas by means of rising business competitiveness.

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