EU: Urban Development & Regional Innovation

This information session dealt with regional innovation strategies and sustainable urban development issues (including cooperation with rural areas). The training included a visit to selected cities and regions in Ireland, focusing on the relevance of best practices for Chinese reality. The Irish case studies were carefully selected in coordination with the local authorities according to their relevance for China as well as to their potentials for cooperation.

The Chinese delegates traveled on Tuesday 08 October 2013 to Brussels, where they participated at the European Open Days on Regional Policy on Wednesday 09 October. They then traveled to Ireland, where they started a two-day trip to the Dublin as well as to the Southern-Eastern Region (Waterford). Delegates then traveled to Paris (France) in order to have several meetings at OECD headquarters regarding regional innovation and territorial development (especially regarding rural-urban cooperation). They returned to China on 14 October 2013.

Details of the mission can be obtained here: 3_CETREGIO 2013 VIP Fan_Technical Report