11_NDRC in Brussels and Croatia

Working visit of NDRC High Level Delegation to Brussels and Croatia (12 – 16 October 2015).

A high level-delegation headed by Mr FAN Hengshan, Vice-Secretary General of NDRC, visited the EU Open Days of Regional and Urban Policy in Brussels. Mr Fan focused on the development of urban clusters in China and on the chances that this brings for promoting green and intelligent cities. He referred to successful pilot projects within World Cities and mentioned further opportunities within China’s Silk Road Strategy and the New National Urbanization Plan (2014-2022). Mr Fan also mentioned that China will ensure the balanced territorial development by supporting urban-rural development and establishing innovation strategies at local and regional level.

Open Days 2016 – World Cities Workshop

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Visit to Croatia

The delegation then traveled to Zagreb to have meetings at the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds (MRDEUF). Ms Helga Bubanović – Assistant Minister – introduced the OP Competitiveness and Cohesion under the current EU Programming period (2014 – 2020). Delegates were then transferred to the BIOCentre Biotech Incubator: http://www.biocentre.hr/en/.



Meeting with Ministry for Regional Development



Visit to the BIOCentre Biotech Incubator: http://www.biocentre.hr/en/.

Report available upon request.

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