Semarang is the capital of Central Java Province and the fifth largest city in Indonesia. The city with 1.5 million inhabitants is facing an economic transition from industry based economy to services and trade. Semarang industrial area has moved to the outer part of the city and thus creates changes. The labor force must respond to these changes with a better preparation. Built up Semarang and the surrounding areas grow rapidly in sprawling patterns; and are not supported by the provision of adequate transport services and infrastructure. Semarang, a coastal city, deals with various physical challenges, such as tidal flooding, erosion, land subsidence and rising sea levels and they threaten the lower Semarang area.

Semarang’s resilience strategy is grounded on six pillars including Sustainable Water and Energy, New Economic Opportunities, Readiness for Disasters and Deceases and Integrated Mobility. This Indonesian city has taken a major step towards reaching its smart city goals thanks to increased energy savings delivered by upgraded LED lighting.