Tianjin – Urban and Regional Development

The programme took place from 28. July to 02. August 2014. It was designed for European representatives of Regione Lazio (Italy) including (government and business sectors) as well as for further delegates from selected regions in Austria, Spain and France. The event consisted of workshops on regional and urban development as well as matchmaking activities between European and Chinese business and policy representatives. Meetings were hold in Heping District, Wuqing District and Jixian County. Prior to the meetings in Tianjin, European experts visited two best practices on innovation policy in Beijing and met representatives of NDRC in Beijing. Some Italian delegates attended the Wine Expo Beijing in order to create synergies with a commercial mission organised by Fiera di Roma.

Background information

Tianjin is one of four cities direct-controlled by the Central Government and the fourth largest in China (13 Mio. inhabitants). Tianjin City recorded 2013 China’s highest per-capita GDP and has become the pilot city with the most industrial investment funds in China. Its pillar industries are electronic information technology, automotive, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, metallurgy and petrochemicals industries. The new coastal area, consisting of Tianjin Port, Tianjin Economic and Technology Development Area (TEDA) and Tianjin Bonded area, has attracted numerous world-famous businesses.

Heping District, located in the central area of Tianjin, is the centre of Tianjin for politics, commerce, business affairs, finance, education, and medical treatment. This District covers an area of 9.97 km2 and has a domicile population of 420.000 inhabitants.

Binhai New Area lies along the southeast coast of Tianjin. It covers three urban areas (Tanggu, Hangu and Dagang) and nine economic functional zones, such as development zones, free trade zone, high-tech zone, and Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone of Tianjin port. Besides, it includes 27 towns. It is the intersection between the developed city chain in the eastern coast of China, that is, Beijing, Tianjin and those in Hebei province, and Bohai city band. The Binhai New Area is being developed into a gateway for northern China as well as a base of modern manufacturing​ and R&D ​transformation.

As one of the 18 districts and counties under Tianjin, Wuqing has a population of 830.000 inhabitants. Wuqing enjoys unique location advantage. It is located between Beijing and Tianjin, adjacent to Beijing at north and to Hebei Province at west and northeast. Located on East Development Belt of greater Beijing city space development strategy planning “Two Axis and Two Belts”, and together with Tianjin Binhai New Area on Tianjin-Binhai Integrated Development Axle of Tianjin urban development axle, Wuqing has great potential for development.

Jixian lies in the centre part of the three regions Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and plays an important role in the implementation of this national strategy launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping. The county is located in the north of the municipality of Tianjin and has a spectacular natural scenery and numerous historical monuments, including a small section of the Great Wall known as Huangyaguan. It has an area of 1.590 square kilometres and a population of 800.000 inhabitants.


00 Programme

01 Introduction by Mr Pablo Gándara, Project Coordinator CETREGIO

02 Lazio Main Figures by Mr Luigi Campitelli, Regional Development Agency of Lazio

03 Upper Austria Introduction by Ms Sigrid Winkler, Regional Development Agency (TMG)

04 Introduction to Tianjin and to Sino-EU Cooperation, by Tianjin Department of Commerce

05 Regional Development in Tianjin by Municipal DRC

06 Tiens Group by Mr Li Jinyuan, CEO

07 Tianjin Wuqing Development Area(UDA)

08  Tianjin Jixian New Urban Area: Jizhou 

09 Rural Migration in China by Ms Shen Bing, NDRC

10 The current situation & prospect of urbanisation in China, by Mr Shi YulongNDRC

11 Introduction to EU Urban Development Policy by Mr Pablo Gándara, CETREGIO

12 Urban Planning in Lazio Region by Luigi Campitelli, Regional Development Agency of Lazio

13 Urban Policy at regional Level in the EU by Mr Lorenzo Lo Cascio

14 Lazio tourism cooperation with China by Ms Cristina Manzione, Regional Tourism Agency Lazio

15 Tourism cooperation chance: Lazio’s Monti Simbruini by Mr Danilo Sordi

16 Lazio – A ‘special’ and innovative region by Lorenzo Lo Cascio

17 Civitavecchia – The Port of Rome by Mr Giovanni Marinucci

18 CNA National Association of Small and Middle Size Enterprises – Lazio. By Mr Claudio Capezzuoli

19 UNINDUSTRIA – The Association of Industry and Enterprises Unindustria, Lazio , By Mr Fabrizio Borraccia

20 Fiera di Roma by Mr Francesco Crognale, Marketing Manager

21 cd2e – The expert centre for the development of eco-enterprises, by Mr Cralos Novais, Lille

22 Industrial Policy in Catalonia by Mr José María Serena, CEO AUMA

23 Chinese Investments in Italy: Legal framework and real cases by Mr Stefano Micheli

24 Cross-border M&A: Process and Structural Considerations by Mr REN Gulong