Since the Barcelona ‘92 S Olympics, the process of urban regeneration has been rapid bringing benefits but also problems by increasing tourism & incrementing the cost of living and forcing locals out of the centre.
Barcelona seeks to prioritise mixed-use and equitable neighbourhoods, ensuring citizens can access local services without having to leave the area.
In 2000 the 22@ Plan set out the guidelines to transform 200 hectares of largely obsolete industrial land.

This project has had positive impacts, top ranking Barcelona in terms of innovation & attracting businesses, gaining new land for facilities & green areas, developing new public housing & refurbishment.

Various 4Helix participatory processes have taken place with the goal of drawing up a shared roadmap to guide the future transformation, working with universities, the former 22@BCN SA, 22@ business & neighbourhood associations to accommodate the interests of the different social, local resident & economic stakeholders.