World Cities II (2017-2018)

World Cities Launch Event in Indonesia

Indonesia: The Jakarta Post

World Cities Launch Event in Australia

Australia: TV Coverage in Canberra

South Korea: TV Coverage in Busan

World Cities Launch event in South Africa

World Cities Launch event in South Korea

World Cities Participants 2017-2018

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Compilation of selected news on World Cities China / India

20/04/2016 – Catalonia automotive cluster in Wuhan

23/03/2016 – DG REGIO news on mission to China 
22/03/2016 - Barcelona and Chengdu – MoU on Smart City Cooperation
21/03/2016 – World Cities Conference in China
01/02/2016 – World Cities Workshop Report at the Open Days 2015
21/01/2016 – Press coverage in Chandigarh
Jan 2016 – European Delegates to visit Indian counterparts and to attend the final conference
22/11/2015 – Chinese Delegates in the West Midlands – Press article by Worcester News
05/11/2015 – World Cities supports EU Parliament’s delegation in China
13/10/2015 – World Cities Workshop at Open Days on EU Regional and Urban Policy
29/06/2015 – Walter Deffaa addresses EU-China Summit events
23/06/2015 - More European and Chinese cities agree to work together
23/06/2015 – Joint Forum of EU and Chinese cities in Brussels
23/06/2015 – Visit of Vice-Minister HE Lifeng to Belgium and Ireland  (external link of NDRC website)
25/05/2015 – Walter Deffaa kicks-off World Cities India in Mumbai