EU – South Africa

Overview of pilot projects

Cape Town – Bilbao

  • Development of public-public & public-private partnerships: Sharing of experiences on cooperation between public sector and public/private sector in both cities. Bilbao presented on a number of entities interesting for Cape Town: Bilbao Ría 2000, a non-profit entity aimed at transforming the metropolitan area of Bilbao; Bilbao Metropoli 30, a public-private partnership recognized as a Public Utility Entity, responsible for fostering public-private collaboration to mainly revitalize infrastructural projects.
  • Development mechanisms: Sharing of experiences on different development mechanisms used for urban transformation, including recovery of old industrial spaces, contracts & procurement, mobility & transport, improvement of townships and disadvantaged neighborhoods and environmental challenges.
  • Smart City: Exchange of smart city strategy, including ICT solutions & best practices. Specifically targeted are the Economic Areas Management Programme (Big data system), transparency and open data platforms, platforms for smart cities services and cooperation between universities and research centers.

Ekurhuleni – Graz

  • Green Tech Cluster: The Green Tech Valley, located in Styria, is a global hot spot for innovative energy and environmental technologies. It supports the Graz in various smart city projects and initiatives. Graz has offered to assist the City of Ekurhuleni in various emerging city planning projects
  • Regional Management: Development of instruments and measurement tools for a joint regional management system, focusing on the creation of employment opportunities, mobility and inter-communal collaboration in Ekurhuleni.
  • Municipal Spatial Development: Collaboration regarding the establishment of “ECOPROFIT”, a comprehensive environmental management system that promotes environmental management and business development. It is aimed at analyzing and optimizing companies regarding their environmental foot print.

Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) – Malaga

  • Smart Cities: Exchange lessons learnt and best practices and the Malaga Smart Cities Cluster and its counterpart in Nelson Mandela Bay.
  • Urban Regeneration: Over the last decade, Malaga has transformed the port area and re-connected it with the down-town area, after a transformation into an open, safe and well-designed urban space for the public. What was previously an semi-industrial port area is now an attractive place for people to meet and spend quality leisure time. Nelson Mandela Bay Metro is keen to lean lessons about this successful urban development and apply them to their own city.
  • Industrial Development: Nelson Mandela Bay hosts the Coega Industrial Development Zone on the outskirts of the city, including the deep-water Port of Ngqura, Nelson Mandela Bays’ second port. Coega is the biggest industrial development zone in Africa with investments of over US$ 4bn. Malag is keen to learn from this successful initiative.

eThekwini (Durban) – Belfast

  • Green Cluster: Collaboration on Hamersdale Waste Beneficiation Centre to enhance the use of green technologies. The Hamersdale Waste Beneficiation is the first material recycling facility in Africa, a significant project that can be replicated throughout Africa with major socio-economic outcomes