EU – Indonesia

Overview of pilot projects

Makassar – Seville

  • Smart Cities: Exchange best practices and lessons learnt on smart cities development with a focus on IT application, traffic management and public service management.
  • Green Space: In the sub-district Pisang Utara in the inner city of Makassar, the city council has embarked on a Green Space City Area to improve the environment for the community. Seville has experience in waste and water management, offering environmentally sustainable solutions in this regards, including sewage management, composting & water management.
  • Waste Management: Most of Makassar’s waste goes into the landfill site of Tamangapa on the outskirts of the city. The site has reached its capacity and lacks modern facilities to sort, recycle and process waste. Existing Waste Management Systems need to be upgraded. Seville has offered to share best practices and lessons learn from it own waste management experience with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Semarang – Zagreb

  • Strategic and comprehensive city planning: Zagreb offers to assist Semarang in strategic city planning and processes. Some of the outcomes expected: strategic plan revisions, implementation of new procedures, improved internal and external cooperation and metropolitan/urban agglomeration areas planning improved.
  • Smart Cities concepts: Exchange of information and best practices regarding the development of smart cities concepts, specifically in the area of data collection, creation of apps connected with public services and smart solutions for tourism development.
  • SME and Start-up eco system: Zagreb offers to provide partners with an overall description of the existing entrepreneurial eco-system and Chamber of Crafts. Possible outcomes would be: exchanging project ideas and experiences regarding regarding mentoring and education, provision of infrastructure and financing for SMEs and crafts; exchanging project ideas and experiences regarding the development of a platform for supporting start-ups (high-tech companies); improving of external cooperation by using the triple helix approach.
  • Public Utility management: Exchange of best practices and strategies regarding public utility management; i.e. water, sewage, waste, housing & mobility.