Located to the northwest of South Korea, Suwon is the capital and largest city of Gyeonggi-do province. It boasts a population of over 1.2 million residents, making it South Korea’s most populous municipality. Suwon covers a total area of 121.05km2 , and is composed of four administrative districts; the Gwonseon District, the Jangan District, the Paldal District, and the Yeongtong District.

The city of Suwon is a leading Korean region in technology, being the home of Samsung Electronics Headquarters as well as various R&D institutes. Research and innovation is further served by a number of academic institutions and universities including Sungkyunkwan University, Kyonggi University, and Gyeonggi University.

Suwon is also known as a pioneer in South Korea in the field of environment. Most notably, it organized the EcoMobility World Festival 2013 as the world’s first month-long presentation of an innovative and forward-thinking urban transportation culture. During the festival, over 4000 residents used a combination of ecomobile modes of transportation as an environmentally car-free experiment. Considering its success, the city has embarked on discussions to adopting the car-free practice on a permanent basis.

In the World Cities Project Suwon is partnering with the Scottish cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Stirling (UK).

A reports of the bilateral meetings is available here.