02_EU in China

A follow-up visit of delegates from the EU Commission, Poland and Austria was held in Guangzhou, Beijing and Tianjin from 26 to 30 January 2015. The Polish delegation was composed of one Vice-Governor, two majors and five business representatives. Three representatives of the pilot regions of Lazio and Upper Austria were also involved. Synergies were created with a high-level mission from the European Commission headed by DG REGIO’s Director General Walter Deffaa.

The programme of the mission is available here: 20150125_Agenda Guangzhou-Beijing-Tianjin_PG. The participants’ list is available here: CETREGIO delegates Tianjin Jan 2015

Documentation of the mission is available upon request.

Impressions of visit to Zhongguangcun Innovation Park






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Visit to Tianjin



2015-01-30 14.09.24

2015-01-30 18.56.47

Visit to Guangzhou

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